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It used to be that nobody wanted to have to wear them, You didn't want to have to pick out a pair as you didn't know what they were going to look like on you. Am I going to be called "four eyes?".

Well, don't fear as those days are all past. For those of you that are about to get your first pair of glasses, there are many choices for you to pick from in both lenses and frames. Many styles and many colors.

For those of you that already wear glasses and are about to get a new pair or a second pair be sure to read further to see just what is available to you.

The newer frames for eyeglasses are manufactured from materials such as titanium, lighter plastics and the new metal called memory metal. These new materials make your frames stronger as well as light weight. Click on the link for frames now and find out more.

As for the lenses that will go into your new frames you will find that here to there are many options available to you. Plastic, glass, tints, progressive and polycarbonate. To find out more on lenses click now on the lens link.