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Lens Cleaners

Keeping your eyeglass lenses clean and scratch free is very important in the care of your glasses. This is the duty of lens cleaners. Your choices available to you are liquids lens cleaners, towelettes and micro fiber cloths.
With the proper care your lenses can keep that sparkly new look for years.

You should never use a dry paper product to clean your eyeglass lenses. Instead use one of the new liquid cleansers, towelettes or micro fiber cloths to get that crystal clear look to your lenses.

Which is best to use...micro fiber lens cleaning cloth, lens cleaning towlette or lens cleaning liquid? The micro fiber cloth and towlette are very easy to put in your purse or pocket. The liquid, which comes in 2-oz. bottles, is more inclined to be used while in the house or on your desk at work.

Here is how they work.

Lens cleaning liquid cleaners break down the oils, grease and smudges into small bubbles or particles so that they are then easy to remove from the lens. By putting the liquid cleaner on the lens and then wiping with a cloth or tissue you remove all dirt.

Micro fiber lens cleaning cloths are made from a blend of polyester and nylon that is tightly woven into a cloth. the dirt and oil and other containments are then trapped between the microscopic spaces in the cloth as the cloth is rubbed on the lens.

Lens cleaning towelettes are a single use item that contain a cleaning component and alcohol. By using alcohol there is a rapid evaporation of the liquid so that the lens is clean and dry after use.

As well as buying these products separately you can also purchase Lens Cleaning Kits that contain all or combinations of the mentioned lens cleaning products. These kits come in fashionable packets, use fashionable cloths and can even contain a small pair of eyeglass screwdrivers.
Some of the more popular manufactures of lens cleaning products are Hilco, Micro-Clair, Nanofilm and Quality Accessories.

Never use chemicals such as ammonia, silicants or glycol solvents to clean you lenses. These can be harmful and can damage your lens. If you are not using one of the micro fiber lens cleaning cloths you should always wet your lens before cleaning it with the proper lens cleaning cloths or tissues. A dry lens without the proper cleaning material can be scratched.