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Eye care news, facts and tips

Here we will have fun at looking at interesting news from the eye care industry.
We will also look at tips and facts that are interesting and could even save your life.
Follow the links below for more interesting fun.

Color Blindness

Aren't quite seeing those reds and greens as clear as you had in the past? Visit this site to do a check on you color vision. Please note this is only a quick test for color blindness, as with all health care concerns please see your professional health care provider for a complete check up. Please see our Terms of use page for more information.
Color Blindness Test
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How seeing and eye doctor could save your life
Your eyes are more than you "eyes to the world", they are the eyes to your inner health.
How an eye doctor could save your life
Eyes might tell if you have blockage of the arteries
Here is an interesting example of how your eyes can tell how another part of your body may be having problems.
This article was from The Readers Digest
Brief Loss of Vision in One Eye
Semi-permanent Eyelash Extensions Sweep U.S.
A new fashion statement, which began in Asia, is now sweeping America: semi-permanent eyelash extensions.
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Texas Woman Sues Maker of LADARVision
Victim says eyes were injured by Alcon Laser System
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